Founded in 2023 by first generation immigrant artists, Cellunova is a New York based interdisciplinary production company aiming to create experiences that expand the boundaries of theatre.


Join us on a 3-day theatrical metamorphosis at Cellunova's first-ever One-Act Staged Reading Festival, running from October 13th to 15th, 2023.

Eight brand-new plays, all intricately woven around the theme of metamorphosis, will take stage at Atelier @theaterlab over four shows. This festival invites you to explore a tapestry of narratives—from tourist traps to solitary, from landfill to motel lobby, from the new girl to the wives, and from the future to the mythological realm. In this unique gathering of imaginative minds, emerging playwrights, visionary directors, and our diverse cast come together to breathe life into these compelling stories. We can't wait to celebrate these transformative moments with you! 

Single Performance Ticket

4-Performance Ticket Bundle

Cellunova Productions @cellunovaproductions & Theaterlab @theaterlab Proudly Presents

@ The Atelier | First Look Series

357 W 36th St. 4th floor, New York, NY 10018

October 13 8PM Line-up | Episode 1: Sense of Direction

Act One: Tourist Trap

Written by: Elijah Guo

Directed by: Dylin Taylor

Starring: Angela Chew, Mandarin Wu, Katie May Porter, and Alex Beige

Act Two: Sing in Me Muse

Written by: Janine Sobeck Knighton
Directed by: Sarah Doh
Starring: Esther Um and Liam Krivcov


October 14, 3PM Line-up | Episode 2: Hot Button

Act Three: This Land of Plenty

Written by: Adam Tucker Deveau

Directed by: Caitlin Wells

Starring: David Hernandez III, David Jacobs and Jen Diaz

Act Four: The Wives


Written by: Alli Hartley-Kong

Directed by: Logan Gabrielle Schulman

Associate Director: Henri Brusasco

Starring: Chase Lee, Morgan Williams, Ephraim Birney, Amber McNew, and Abigail Lo


October 14, 8PM Line-up | Episode 3: Isolation

Act Five: Is Anyone Watching This

Written by: Rebecca Kane

Directed by: Lita Lofton

Starring: Amanda Tugangui and Emily Cordes

Act Six: U Drop Inn


Written by: Michael Pisaturo

Directed by: Nabeel Jan

Associate Director: Henri Brusasco

Starring: Nicole Borbone and Kat Jones


October 15, 3PM Line-up | Episode 4: Urban Transformation

Act Seven: New Girl Now 

Written by: Christopher Lindsay

Directed by: Bridget Wiggan

Starring: Medora Groff, Shuga Ohashi and Antonyio Artis

Act Eight: The Undivine Comedy


Written by: Yejia Sun

Directed by: Jorge Schultz

Starring: Cory Terrel and Mariela Rivero