Founded in 2023 by first generation immigrant artists, Cellunova is a New York based interdisciplinary production company aiming to create experiences that expand the boundaries of theatre.

Dirty Little Secrets: Calling for Actors!

CELLUNOVA is on the lookout for the non-union actors to join our cast for “Dirty Legal Secrets” written by Sarah Feingold for the upcoming 24/25 Season! Application is NOW open till July 14th @ 23:59 EST. Please apply through this form.


Tech startups disrupt our lives, our phones, and our privacy. As seen in the media, these businesses are often plagued with egos and scandals. The public, however, cannot access the full truth. Insiders have witnessed legal and moral issues up close. But they are sworn to secrecy.

Until now…

Based on true stories, Dirty Legal Secrets follows an attorney on her tortuous final day working at a tech startup. Friends reminisce with stories of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.


GC - Attorney. A woman in her early 30s. (Sides)

Alpha - Woman (Gender Non-specific) (Sides)

Beta - Woman (Gender Non-specific) (Sides)

Charlie - Man (Gender Non-specific) (Sides)

Delta - Man (Sides)


August 11 - August 25 Table Work

August 26 - Oct 21 Rehearsals

Performance Date: TBD, End of October.


A flat stipend of $400 for GC and $350 for Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta will be paid for the first 4 performances, and $50 per additional performance thereafter. 

The exact number of performances will be decided before callback time.

Please feel free to contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

Upcoming Production: Knock Knock

CELLUNOVA will present “Knock Knock” written by Floyd Toulet for the upcoming 24/25 Season! The performances will be in early September with more details to come. Stay tuned!