Founded in 2023 by first generation immigrant artists, Cellunova is a New York based interdisciplinary production company aiming to create experiences that expand the boundaries of theatre.


Cellunova's 2023 summer production premieres the original work The Match Girl at Chain Theatre in NYC.

How does a girl escape from the everlasting gravity that chains her to the ground? She jumps, she dreams and she lights up the matches. Those matches fly far away and turn into stars; when you stare straight into the darkness, you see that they do exist. And you wonder, are we a part of gravity? Will there still be a next match?

Performance Dates
June 30th @7:30PM
July 1st @2PM & 8PM
July 2nd @2PM

The play will be performed in English. There will be a talkback after the June 30th 7:30 performance.

Content Warning
Depictions of verbal and physical abuse and a brief mention of death.

Ticket Info
For ticket, use the Zeffy form below, or use the link: Ticket for "The Match Girl".