Current Donors

Cellunova Team is grateful to the many contributors whose generous gifts provide vital resources for our performances, artists, and services.

You brought light to the theatre!

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Season 2023 - 2024

[Producer's Circle * : $800 - $2499]

Naxin Wang and Yannru Cheng

[$250 - $799]

Ruina Zhang and Richard Hu

[$100 - $249]

Youqi Gang

Alex Rubino

Nishant Verma

Yue Hui

[Under $99]

Ruyi Ding     Cindy Han     Bill Huang     Shang Mu

Manh Duc Nguyen     Vladislav Onik     Alison Yueming Qu

Michael Smilek     Han Wang     Yifan Wang     Binhong Wu

Xinyi Xu     Wenli Zhao     Yi Zhao

* We invite donors in our producer's circle to attend our production in development, including script readthroughs and previews if any.

Cellunova Team is also grateful to the volunteers and consultants in our current Season who donated their time and effort. Without their expertise and input, our performances wouldn't have been possible.

(In Alphabetical Order of Last Name) 

Ruyi Ding, Youqi Gang, Vincent Gerardi, Tianding He, Hui Peng, Alison Yueming Qu, Yibin Wang, 

and those who we may have missed.